Tips & Tricks to Prepare Your A/C for the Winter 

With fall less than a month away and Ohio’s weather being entirely unpredictable, you could still be using your AC deep into fall. However, eventually, the cold will stay. So, when thinking about colder weather preparation, it is crucial that you protect your home HVAC system. But, more importantly, your AC unit, which is found outside of your home. To help prepare your AC for the colder months of the year, our friendly HVAC techs at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling put together some of the most important things you must do to increase the lifespan of your A/C.  

Check & Change Your Air Filter

During the colder months of the year, many homeowners tend to forget about their A/C care. However, throughout the winter, your furnace and AC filters rely on one another. So, if one or both of the filters are filled, this can cause your home heating system to work harder than it needs to heat your home. As a result, it will affect your home’s energy and efficiency costs. Therefore, having hefty monthly utility bills. To prevent this from happening, you should replace both filters at the beginning of winter, check them regularly, and replace them as needed. 

Properly Turn Off Your A/C 

Most homeowners don’t know that just turning off your thermostat won’t completely shut down your system for the upcoming months you won’t be using it. Therefore, you will need to turn off your unit from the inside as well as the outside. Neglecting this will cause issues with your condenser, thus decreasing the overall lifespan and efficiency of your unit. To properly turn off your entire AC unit, you must turn off the thermostat, find your breaker box, and switch your AC fuse to “off.” Turning off all of the power your AC unit uses will make it safe to turn on your furnace for the winter and will cut down costs on your monthly utility bills. 

Clean & Cover Your A/C Unit

Another thing all homeowners must do to get their A/C unit ready for the upcoming colder months is clean and cover your outside system. When cleaning the AC unit, you want to use a garden hose and wash off all of the dirt and grime gathered over the summer. Moreover, our experts suggest investing in a weatherproof vinyl cover. Doing so will help keep your unit protected from snow, ice, and bugs seeking shelter and warmth for the winter. 

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