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The home comfort industry is ever changing and improving. Smart thermostats and Wi-Fi Thermostats are no exception. The thermostat technology we have available for homeowners today have come such a long way. Smart thermostats make for amazing investments that pay for themselves quickly. If you’re thinking of upgrading to one of our smart HVAC devices, Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling is here to help! We offer the best prices on smart thermostat installation throughout Central Ohio. These technologically advanced thermostats seamlessly interface with a range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products, putting you in charge of heating, cooling systems, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation systems, and more.

In addition to saving you money on your home heating and air conditioning costs, the smart thermostats we sell and install can help you monitor your home’s air quality and automate tedious things you would normally have to do manually over and over again. Our thermostats are very smart-home friendly, user friendly and yet tech-savvy. Smart thermostats are easy to install very quickly and they also lower your heating and cooling costs and help you monitor and control your home’s ventilation, air purity and relative humidity. If any of this interests you, call us so we can get your home upgraded today!

Smart Thermostats in Newark & Heath Ohio
Smart Thermostats

What is a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are affordably user-friendly thermostats that can be used with home automation systems. They are responsible for controlling your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in addition to helping with indoor air quality.

Smart thermostats perform similar functions as a Programmable thermostat but better as they enable the user to control the temperature of their home throughout the day using a schedule, and make changes remotely via smartphone. Not only that, they also contain additional features, like home sensors and WiFi connectivity, that improve upon the issues homeowners had with programmable thermostats.

Smart thermostats are similar to wifi thermostats, which are both connected to the Internet. They enable homeowners to adjust heating settings from other internet-connected devices in addition to smartphones, such as laptops or tablets. This enables homeowners to manage and control the thermostat remotely anywhere in the world. This ease of use is vital for ensuring energy savings. New studies have demonstrated that households with programmable thermostats actually have higher energy consumption rates overall compared to those with simple thermostats because residents program them incorrectly or disable them completely.

Benefits of Thermostat Upgrade For Your Newark or Heath Home

In most residences, heating and cooling take up about half of the overall energy consumption. With this in mind, the makers of these modern smart home devices have developed smart thermostats that offer better temperature control and easier automation over a home’s climate, air quality and temperature — control that saves homeowners a lot of money on heating and cooling costs during the summer and during the winter. Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling’s home comfort experts list several smart thermostat benefits below: 

Keep An Eye On Your Home

Smart thermostats offer homeowners a window into their homes while they’re gone. You can also check your companion app while you’re away to make sure your heat is still running. This is good if you own a second home or you have a home your selling. Having a smart thermostat is a great way to confirm the place is running smoothly while you’re away.

Track Energy And Save Money

Another major advantage of owning a new smart thermostat from Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling is the money savings you’ll enjoy on home heating and air conditioning bills. Smart thermostats push you in the direction of settings that save you energy through a wide variety of methods. The Nest Learning Thermostat encourages energy-saving options by awarding “Leaf” badges and offering easy tips in the monthly energy reports for even bigger energy savings. 

Avoid Human Error

Smart thermostats learn the preferences and schedules of the people living in the home, making it easier for you to be energy efficient and allow the thermostat to handle the adjustments necessary to the home’s temperature as you come and go. If you’ve ever left your air conditioner or furnace running all day while you were away, youll likely appreciate the way your new smart thermostat (such as the Nest Learning Thermostat) is able to detect when you leave to shut off the heating or cooling. 

Manage Indoor Temperatures Remotely And Program With Ease

Whether you decide to come home early from work, still in bed or in a different room and wanting it to be a little warmer — if you have your smartphone in hand, you have control over your thermostat and indoor atmosphere! Thanks to their modern designs, user-friendly screens and highly-rated companion apps, the top rated smart thermostats we sell and install at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling are all very easy to use. If you’ve had a difficult time with programmable thermostats in the past, you’ll love this new generation of well-designed thermostats. 

Financing Options


HVAC Financing in Newark & Heath, Ohio: Buy Now, Pay Later

Longtime customers of Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling include many local financial institutions. With flexible and affordable monthly payments, we are able to help our customers keep a comfortable home all year round thanks to the support of reliable local lenders with whom we have worked over the years. If you need to replace the HVAC system in your home on a payment plan, take a look at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling's convenient in-house financing options.

Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling offers easy in-house financing alternatives if you require a manageable payment schedule to replace the heating, cooling, or indoor air quality equipment in your home.

What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat?

During The Wintertime

Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find that “sweet spot” temperature in a home during the wintertime, regardless of whether you are more interested in comfort or money savings. A general rule of thumb for an energy-saving setting during the winter is to set the thermostat at 68° F. For additional comfort, you might take it up one or two degrees at a time slowly. Give it an hour each time to adjust. Remember to try to dress in warm clothing indoors for savings. And if you’re able to take it lower, turn the temperature down 1 or 2 degrees at a time in the same manner. 

Money Saving Settings

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a homeowner can save up to 10 percent on heating and cooling costs every year by setting the thermostat back 7 to 10 degrees from the normal level for a mere eight hours a day. With this in mind, at nighttime when you’re sleeping and/or during the day while you’re away at work or school, save yourself some money and make the necessary adjustments. Remember, a smart thermostat can automate this and make it a lot easier. 

During The Summertime

Some people want it very cool during the summer. Others don’t mind a little heat. In any case, nothing beats the relief of a cool air inside a nice humidity-controlled home during those especially hot days of summer here in Central Ohio. To find your happy zone, try setting your air conditioner’s thermostat at 78° F for a good mixture of comfort and energy conservation. From there you can adjust it as necessary to find that perfect temperature zone. Remember to take it down slowly and give it an hour or two to cool off. 

Other Times Of The Year

While a programmable thermostat that can automatically adjust the temperature for comfort when you are home or awake, a smart thermostat is an even better investment. Some of these models of smart thermostats will also “learn” your patterns and automatically adjust to help maintain both comfort and energy savings. Plus, Wi-Fi® thermostats give you even more flexibility with comfort control from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Our Wi-Fi thermostats must be connected to Wi-Fi for remote connectivity. You need an iOS® or Android® mobile device to use our app. 

Smart Thermostat

General Thermostat Questions & Answers

Are Smart Thermostats Better Than Programmable Thermostats?

Experts agree that smart thermostats go above and beyond what programmable thermostats are able to do for homeowners. Not only are they are more intuitive, or “smart,” but they are also far more efficient around the clock when it comes to regulating your heating and air conditioning. Smart thermostats actually learn from your behavior, following the temperature adjustments you make. They can make adjustments on their own to help you save money and enjoy optimal comfort. 

What Do I Need To Know About Smart Thermostats?

Smart thermostats use motion sensors that help to control the heating and air conditioning systems. Work in conjunction with the HVAC unit to optimize home comfort and energy savings, smart thermostats sound more complicated than they actually are. If you have a smartphone, you shouldn’t have any sort of problems using a new smart thermostat from Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling. In fact, you will have a greater ability to control your indoor temperature, even when you are away by connecting to WiFi and using the free app we provide with the thermostats we install. 

How Long Do Smart Thermostats Last?

The newer smart thermostats we sell at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling, such as the Nest and Ecobee, are made to last a very long time. This varies according to factors such as brand, usage, production, and settings. All that being said, experts say that the average life expectancy for a smart thermostat is at least 10 years and probably more. Provided there aren’t any damages, your smart thermostat will likely last much longer than that. 

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