Tips to Extend the life of your AC

Replacing your air conditioner can be a really big investment. Most homeowners, nevertheless, will do anything to keep their current air conditioning equipment functioning properly for as long as possible. If your AC was replaced recently, you’re probably looking for ways to keep your new system running longer than your last unit. With some helpful tips from our NATE-certified technicians at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling, below are some ways to extend the life of your AC.

Modern Thermostat

Modernizing your thermostat may seem unnecessary for your home but it could make a difference in the performance and livelihood of your AC unit. Older thermostats usually have your AC blasting throughout your home throughout the day causing your equipment to never have a break. Modern thermostats allow a schedule to be created that accommodates the comfort of your home. Another benefit of owning a programmable thermostat is for most, you can control them from your phone giving you the ability to control the temperature even when you’re away. Investing in a new thermostat can enhance the life of your current AC unit and save you on energy and repair costs, 

Clean Air Filters

One of most often tips homeowners forget about is to replace the air filters often in your air conditioner. When air flow becomes blocked because a dirty air filter filled with dust and debris is sitting in your AC unit, it can cause your equipment to work harder to cool your home. With your AC working harder and longer to cool your home, this can cause straining shortening the life expectancy on your equipment. Replacing your air filters at least every three months and keeping an eye on them monthly can cause a huge difference in the performance of your AC and the comfort of your home. 

Routine Maintenance

Scheduling routine maintenance for your AC will be one of the most important and best things you can do to extend the life of your system. Every spring before the weather warms up too much, it’s suggested to be the best time to perform routine maintenance on your AC. During a routine maintenance call, our NATE- certified technicians will clean your AC and catch any problems before they become inevitable breakdowns.

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