Indoor Air Quality 101 – Part 3: Products & Services We Offer to Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality

In the first two articles, we illustrated the reasons why Indoor Air Quality is so crucial and discussed common types of household and workplace air pollution in the United States. Additionally, we explained some of the ways it affects your health.

Now in part three, we at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling will illustrate the different types of services and products we have available for homeowners to identify indoor air pollution, remove it and improve Indoor Air Quality. Promoting your Indoor Air Quality is important because indoor air pollution can harm your health, well-being, energy levels and mood.

Below are some of the products and services we have available.

The iWave-R

The iWave-R is a popular air purification system with increasing significance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Highly innovative in application, this affordable system can go into any AC system with air ducts. It targets outgoing air as it passes over the system’s ion generator, which is an extremely effective air purifier. Before the air is circulated into your home, the iWave-R kills any viruses, pathogens, mold, allergens, and bacteria that’s in the air. It also removes any other types of particles, as well as smoke and potential odors. As a result, you can breathe easier with superior indoor air quality without any nauseous byproducts.

Using a unique and one-of-a-kind technology, the iWave-R imitates the methods of nature, which uses pressure and energy to purify the outdoor air via intrinsic processes such as lightning, waterfalls, and ocean waves to separate airborne molecules and produce clean and healthy breathing conditions. The main distinction between nature’s method and the iWaveR’s technology is that the iWave’R does not produce the byproducts of harmful ozone gases the way nature does.

The iWave-R can be installed inside the air ducts of any AC system as long as it’s not larger than six tons. Once inside your ducts, the iWave-R is good to go. It doesn’t ever require maintenance or replacement parts and it cleans itself.


Humidifiers release moisture into the air in your home, which elevates your level of humidity according to your needs. This is extremely helpful when the air you’re breathing is too dry. Humidifiers are often needed to relieve common problems caused by dry air in the cold-weather. They also help reduce static electricity in your house (which is prevalent during Ohio’s winter months) and prevent dry cracking in furniture and paint. Homeowners find humidifiers helpful in promoting indoor air quality when excessively dry air causes health issues. We should also mention, one of the added benefits of getting one is the  monthly energy savings.


If you’ve lived here in Ohio for any number of years, you realize how humid the air can feel during summer’s hottest months. Often, when the truly hot and humid summer weather becomes intolerable, it’s been known to send a lot of people rushing back indoors to find cool shelter in their summer sanctuaries. But what if it’s too humid inside? If you have ever felt the moisture in the air in a hot house, and smelled that musty smell of high indoor humidity, you probably understand the importance of having a dehumidifier at home. Health officials say homeowners should maintain a relative indoor humidity level of between 30 and 50 percent. When it climbs up beyond 50 percent, it will make your home uncomfortable and make the air unhealthy to breathe. Furthermore, excessively high humidity levels can bog down your air conditioning system’s function and aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms while producing an environment conducive to the growth and development of mold and mildew, which can trigger health problems in even a healthy person. Investing in a whole-home dehumidifier is sure to  enhance the air quality in your home by maintaining comfortable humidity levels all day. Dehumidifiers are affordable and yet smart investments that improve you and your family’s health and comfort.


Today’s modern thermostats have come a long way from a generation ago. A far cry from the old hockey-puck-looking dial on the wall many of us saw growing up, today’s smart thermostats look like something from the future. On top of their cool designs and often colorful displays, you can change settings on these thermostats from any location with any smartphone, computer or smart device. An added bonus is that they go along nicely with Indoor Air Quality devices and systems.

With smart thermostats, you can do more than control your HVAC systems. They also regulate humidifiers, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation systems and most IAQ products. The majority of the thermostats that are popular on the market today are smart thermostats, many with Wi-Fi. They are intended to help you save energy, reduce energy costs and eliminate energy wasting. Because they are smart, they facilitate superior control of your indoor air quality systems. Whenever a homeowner goes with a thermostat upgrade, they are pleased by the increased efficiency and overall temperature consistency throughout their home. 

They end up saving money on utility bills while ensuring their HVAC system is operating at its optimal efficiency. And let’s not forget, the improvement to your air quality will promote better health and wellness to everyone in your home.

Some of the top brands of thermostats we carry include Honeywell, Nest and Ecobee.

Air Filter Upgrades

An upgrade to your HVAC systems’ air filters can improve your home’s indoor air quality. As such, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: Not all air filters are made equal.

Furthermore, you need to be changing them regularly for them to be effective.

Having said that, if you’re thinking of ways to improve your indoor air quality, you might be surprised to find out that those generic washable fiberglass air filters barely even improve your HVAC system’s function and they do almost nothing to improve the air quality in your home. We advise homeowners to find an air filter with a higher MERV rating, or upgrading to a thicker air filter. The four-inch filters are superior to the cheap one-inch air filter found in too many homes.

The MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), measures the effectiveness of air filters on a scale of 1 to 16, with 16 being the highest rated, thickest filter possible. It’s important we mention here that the thickest ones aren’t intended for residential HVAC systems. Residential systems typically can’t take an air filter with a rating higher than 13 on the MERV scale. If you don’t know what MERV rating your system needs, check with the manufacturer or the installer.

UV Lights

In the old days, the only way homeowners could improve their home’s Indoor Air Quality was done via air filtration, ventilation, and humidity control. And while these innovations were helpful for generations, they did nothing to remove biological threats such as viruses, mold, bacteria and fungi, the deadly “dark side” of household air pollution.

However, in recent decades, someone turned on the lights.

Quite literally…

Investing in Ultra Violet lamps in an HVAC system gives homeowners an added level of protection against these ultra-hazardous live indoor air pollutants. In the wake of COVID-19, UV Lights are especially useful. Also for homeowners who are susceptible to allergens and other dangerous organic particles, our UV lamps are very helpful in removing these allergens, germs and any other bugs that might be airborne into your home, moving freely about. When these pollutants pass under the UV Lights in the airflow, the lights kill them and neutralizes the air immediately.

Air Duct Cleaning

If you’re looking to guarantee your home’s air quality is safe, ensure airflow efficiency and eliminate certain odors in your home, you should consider our professional air duct cleaning service.

Air ducts transport all your home’s heated and cooled air from your HVAC system to all the rooms throughout your home. Understanding this, it makes sense to want to make sure your air comes out as clean as possible. This means you should make sure your air ducts are clean and free of dirt and waste buildup. Our professional duct cleaning service reaches all the way into and through your ductwork, removing dirt, dust and grime that accumulates inside and is known to stick to the walls of your air ducts. This means allergens are removed and it clears up any unpleasant smells lingering in your home that come out of the air ducts. One of the main reasons people consider this service important is because homeowners are unable to see inside of their ductwork. The stuff that’s inside there typically finds its way out and into the air you breathe. 


We at  Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling care about your home comfort, but just as important we also care about the health of you and your family members. Because indoor air pollution has a serious impact on your health and well-being, we hope you are able to use this information to make your home a healthier place to live. If you would like to know more about any of the products and services we listed above, or for prices, or to make an appointment, please call us today at 740-212-5849 or Click Here to set up an appointment now.

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