Heating Tips for Your 2021 Super Bowl Party

As the end to football season approaches, families across the country are looking for creative ways to host their Super Bowl party during a global pandemic. In years past, crowding 30 friends and family into your home on game night probably brought some unforeseen challenges. Like not enough outlets for crock pots or family arguments over foul plays. However, even with 2020 behind us, the challenges of adapting to a global pandemic still haunt social gatherings. And this year, heating your home with 10 people or less may be a new challenge. While last year you may have had 30 warm bodies in your home, this year it may be 10 or less. So we at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling are here to help with 3 things to remember when heating your home for your 2021 Super Bowl Party.

It Starts With a Plan

The last thing you want is to find out your furnace isn’t working properly just hours before your guests arrive, so it’s best to plan ahead. Not only do you want to pay special attention to your furnace, but also to the comfort of your guests. So here are 3 tips on how to properly prepare your home for your guests.

Check Your Filter 

The first thing you should do is check your furnace filter. This is a good habit to have anyway, especially in winter. Because your windows are closed to outside air and fans aren’t circulating air, your home can tend to get pretty dusty in the winter. For people with allergies, this can be a huge distraction from the fun you have planned for your party. So give your furnace filter a check. First make sure to turn your furnace and thermostat off, then locate your furnace’s blower (your filter should be near the blower). If the dust and dirt on the filter prevents you from seeing the material it’s made of, then it’s time to change it. By changing the filter, you’ll significantly improve your home’s air quality! 

Distanced Seating 

Gone are the days when 6 people can crowd on your couch for the big game, and now is the time to think of ways to encourage social distancing. While this may be a bother for other events, it may be a blessing on game day. After all, no one wants to be stuck on the couch feeling like they’re in a sweaty sauna! Sporting events tend to produce not only heated arguments, but also some unwanted body odor. That’s why providing lots of seating is important especially during a global pandemic. You can get creative with folding chairs, bar stools, dining room chairs, or bean bag chairs. This is a great way to encourage social distancing while also keeping body temperature down. 

Keeping An Eye On Your Thermostat 

It’s common in winter for people to either turn their thermostat up too high, or to turn it down too low before guests arrive. Even with the suggested gatherings of 10 or less people, the same rules apply this year: make small adjustments. To start out, keep your temperature at around 60-70 and make small changes as guests start to arrive. As the night goes on, things may get more heated (in more ways than one) so you’ll want to keep a close eye on the comfort of your guests and on the readings from your thermostat. 

Game Time!

This is it! You’ve invited the guests, made all the plans, prepped all the food. Game day is coming soon! If you’re still feeling uneasy about the condition of your furnace, or have any further questions, you can call us today at 740-212-5849, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here! We at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling are here to help make your game day stress free and full of fun! 

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