What Are the Dangers of DIY HVAC Repairs & Maintenance? 

Before you rush into exploring and renovating your HVAC system alone, there are realities our staff at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling would like you to know more about the threats of DIY HVAC repairs and maintenance. A few concerning factors are that you may further damage your system, and you can compromise the safety of your household and yourself.

How is DIY HVAC Repair/Maintenance a Danger to You?

HVAC systems require a vast amount of electricity and pose an even more significant electric shock threat to inexperienced people. OSHA estimates about 187 electrical-related fatalities a year for professionals working in the HVAC industry. If it’s dangerous for them, think about how hazardous it is for you; an individual not educated in this field of study. Cautiously handling leaking refrigerants has proven vital as well. Accidentally breathing in refrigerant vapors can bring on sudden oxygen deprivation. Severe oxygen deprivation can cause life-threatening conditions such as seizures and coma. After 10 minutes without oxygen, the brain begins to die. Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling wants you to keep safe and leave your complex HVAC system’s needs to the experts.

How is DIY HVAC Repair/Maintenance a Danger to Your Home?

Your HVAC system links to your home’s electrical system to operate. A/Cs heating systems, such as gas or oil furnaces, use a combustible fuel source, exerting the possibility for something to go amiss during DIY tinkering. Havoc to gas lines, electrical fires, and explosions are all heartbreaking consequences of resisting assistance from a professional. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency/FEMA, electrical fires are responsible for around 310 fatalities every year and seriously injuring an additional 1,100 individuals; carelessly installing wiring, which is a leading cause of unintentional fires. Not to mention, accidentally shorting electrical lines can significantly damage your home’s electrical system, causing a fire or damaging other household electrical wiring and electronic devices.

What Damages Come From DIY HVAC Maintenance/Repairs?

Don’t be misled by the tutorials you uncover on the web for AC repairs. The internet, while handy, has a habit of making things appear enticing and straightforward. While we believe in opportunity for all, we urge you to resist depending on these tutorials to fix your problems without help from a professional. HVAC systems aren’t simplistic pieces of equipment. They’re intricate systems with many complicated pieces and parts. Improper tinkering with these components can cause the need for a new unit altogether. So, keep in mind that the information you discover online isn’t always credible. Following misinformation can do a lot of harm to your HVAC system. No air conditioner, heater, or thermostat is alike. Even if the instructions you’re reviewing are the same brand, the equipment configurations may differ considerably from yours. There are no exact-same remedies when approaching HVAC systems. This is why investing in well-taught specialists is crucial. They will be able to analyze the situation appropriately and perform necessary repairs efficiently.

We acknowledge the temptation of all things DIY, but please understand this is one thing you ought to surrender to the HVAC experts. If you want to get more involved, we appreciate that, and that’s why we not only propose but also encourage safe actions, such as changing your furnace filter. It would also profit you to rinse any debris stopping up your outdoor equipment. We understand the want to oversee the conditions within your home; that’s why our crew at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling works intently to help you keep a sense of control over your heating and cooling needs without assigning you to take on all the risks. Our number in priority is our customer’s safety. So stay safe; give us a call today at (740) 212-5849, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!

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