Stop Doing These Things That Lower Your Indoor Air Quality  

Did you know it’s National Clean Air Month? So, we think now is the perfect time to jump on the wagon and talk about indoor air quality. Have you ever thought much about how the air quality in your home can impact your comfort and health? It’s one of those things we don’t really notice until something’s off. But when we stop to really think about it, it makes sense that the air we breathe in our homes should be at the highest quality possible. After all, our homes are where we are for a huge chunk of our time. So, let’s dive into this guide where your Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling buddies will share the common slip-ups that can seriously mess with your indoor air quality (IAQ). 

Air Filter Changes   

Changing your air filters might not sound like the most exciting task, but trust us, it’s super important for keeping the air in your place clean. Think of air filters as the unsung heroes fighting against dust, pollen, and pet hair. When they get all clogged up, not only does your air get all stuffy, but all that gunk can end up floating back around your home. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Stick to what the maker says – change your filters every 1 to 2 months. It depends on what kind of filter you’ve got, whether you have pets, allergies, and how much you use it. 
  • Make it a habit – check your filter every month. A good trick is to set a reminder on your calendar so you don’t forget. By getting into the routine of changing your filters, you’re going to see better airflow and just breathe better air at home. 

Excessive Moisture  

Get a whole-home dehumidifier. Too much moisture can cause mold to grow, and that’s a big deal for indoor air quality and can really trigger allergies as well as respiratory-related issues. If you’re constantly dealing with high humidity at home, a whole-home dehumidifier might be what you need. Too much moisture isn’t just uncomfortable; it’s not great for your breathing either. Not sure where to start?  Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to help point you in the right direction! 

Overtaking Odors 

In-home odors are a natural part of everyday life. There’s no reason to be embarrassed about them. However, when odors are left to build up, they will eventually overtake your home and lower your indoor air quality. 

Think about getting a whole-home air purifier. A whole-home air purifier is a fantastic solution to boosting the air quality within your home. These bad boys work together with your HVAC system to efficiently eliminate airborne particles and pollutants out of the air. Take the iWave-R, for instance. This whole-home air purification system is one we highly recommend due to its modern technology and use of ionization to tackle allergens and other contaminants. Plus, the iWave-R has an awesome self-cleaning feature, making this choice easy to maintain. 

Consider putting in UV Lights. UV lights are another great option to add to your HVAC system. These cool gadgets are made to be installed inside your air ducts or air handler. Their job? To zap and kill any airborne bacteria and pollutants as air whizzes by, all before it gets spread around your home. Plus, they’re super low maintenance; you only need to swap out their bulbs every 2-3 years, which your HVAC tech can easily do during your annual tune-up and safety check. 

Your home is your safe haven, a cozy spot where you should feel totally at ease. To make sure it stays that way, it’s key to keep an eye on the air quality and pay attention to what aspects of your home’s IAQ may require attention. Just by paying attention to the little things and taking some proactive steps, you can really boost the air quality at home. Remember, it’s those small, steady efforts that really add up and make a big impact over time. 

Allow us to help you navigate your air quality journey! Call Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling today at (740) 212-5849, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!  

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