HVAC Myths Busted

Happy April Fools’ Day! Today is the day when you have to stay vigilant and avoid falling for simple jokes and pranks. While the exact origins of this day are uncertain, many enjoy engaging in this light-hearted day of fun for the sake of laughs. While we definitely don’t see anything wrong with this, we wanted to take a different approach today because, as your locally trusted Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling experts, we want to always prioritize our commitment to transparency! With the vast amount of online information available, distinguishing fact from fiction regarding your HVAC system is crucial. So, count on us to guide you through debunking some HVAC myths.   

HVAC Myth 1 – The Thermostat 

One prevalent HVAC misconception pertains to the placement of the thermostat. It is commonly misconstrued that the thermostat’s positioning is not important, which is inaccurate. Let’s debunk this myth! The thermostat’s placement is, in fact, crucial as it gauges the indoor temperature and collaborates with the HVAC system to regulate air circulation effectively. So, if the thermostat is situated near heat sources, direct sunlight, or drafty areas like windows or exterior doors, it may provide inaccurate temperature readings. This can adversely impact the HVAC system’s performance.  

To dispel this myth effectively, ensure that thermostats are mounted on interior walls, away from sources of heat or drafts. You should also avoid placing them near windows or exterior doors; hallways are generally a preferable location. If you need to install a new thermostat or relocate an improperly situated one in your residence, it is advisable to engage a certified professional for the task. 

HVAC Myth 2 – The Temperature 

There is a common misconception surrounding adjusting thermostats to extreme temperatures to hasten the heating or cooling process. In reality, HVAC systems maintain a consistent airflow rate regardless of the settings. This means that the air output remains constant regardless of the temperature setting. Therefore, altering the temperature to a drastically lower or higher setting will not expedite the process of reaching the desired temperature at home. On the contrary, adhering to this myth will only result in energy wastage by letting your home reach a temperature that you do not need. Instead, simply set your thermostat to the desired temperature and allow your HVAC system to efficiently carry out its purpose as intended. 

If you frequently encounter this issue of needing you home to be cooled or warmed quickly, it may be beneficial to invest in a smart thermostat. This handy device allows remote temperature adjustments through a smartphone application, which ensures your desired temperature upon your arrival. Additionally, you can synchronize it with your daily routines to automatically adjust the temperature according to your schedule. You can eliminate waiting time with this convenient solution!  

HVAC Myth 3 – The Air Filters 

The importance of changing your air filters cannot be overstated! However, there is another common HVAC myth that frequent changes to your HVAC system’s air filters are unnecessary. Allow us to dispel this one, too – regular filter replacements are both necessary and beneficial! Air filters are a vital component of your HVAC system, designed to eliminate dust and other airborne particles within your household as well as keep them from obstructing your HVAC system. So, failure to address these minute particles and regularly changing out your air filters can have adverse effects on the indoor air quality of your residence and cause issues for your system.  

To address this concern, we recommend replacing your air filters every 1-2 months. As a result, you will ensure the safety and well-being of your household by boosting your indoor air quality and setting your HVAC system up to succeed and function at it highest capacity. 

HVAC Myth 4 – The Maintenance Appointments 

We have reserved the most important topic for the end – preventive maintenance checks, also known as your seasonal inspections of your air conditioner and furnace. When was the last time you had your units serviced? Do you adhere to these inspections regularly or only reach out when issues arise? While it may appear as just another standard business practice, it is actually vital to prioritize preventive care, and keeping up with your seasonal checks is the best way to do so. Your air conditioner and furnace are intricate systems that operate continuously to maintain your home’s comfort. Similar to how we regularly change oil and tune up our cars, our HVAC system also requires regular attention. 

As a homeowner, it is prudent to ensure that your units are prepared and resilient for the changing weather conditions each season. The best way to enforce preventative care is to adhere to a schedule for furnace maintenance checks in early fall and air conditioning maintenance checks in late spring or early summer. Additionally, it is wise to keep in mind that staying current with these checks helps uphold your manufacturer’s warranty. 

Don’t let yourself be fooled by misinformation! Hopefully, this has offered clarity and assisted in determining the best ways to maintain your home’s HVAC system. Differentiating between fact and fiction regarding your HVAC system can be challenging, but we are always dedicated to providing honest and transparent information! For additional HVAC maintenance tips, please feel free to browse through our other helpful blog posts. 

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