How Should Homeowners Prepare Their HVAC System for Spring?

It may seem like winter will stay here in Ohio forever, but regardless of the weather lately, spring is a glimpse away. Most of us feel eager for spring to begin, but are your homes ready? To avoid the unnecessary stress of procrastinating our spring cleaning, we should start prepping our homes to improve their conditions for the spring season. At Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling, we are confident in our ability to support you in these preparations through guidance and assistance in any way your household may require.

How is Clearing Obstructions Around the Outside of the HVAC System Beneficial?

An Air Conditioner installed outside your home is exposed and powerless to the outdoor elements. In addition, as the icy temperatures fade, plants and vegetation prosper. Consequently, you must make haste to inspect your unit at least two times a month and dispose of any removable vegetation and debris so your residence’s system can do its job correctly. We also insist your HVAC system be free of any standing vegetation growing two feet in the unit’s proximity, allowing your air conditioner to effectively let in the air required to maintain the temperature within your home.

How is it Beneficial to Test My Air Conditioner?

The early part of spring is the preferred time to test your air conditioner before Ohio’s humidity sneaks upon us. However, you don’t want to delay this initial start-up until the day it’s so hot out that you’re melting away in your home. You will be sorely disappointed if you look for a saving grace in your AC unit only to learn your air conditioner isn’t even functioning to the best of its ability. To help prepare your home for the temperatures ahead, turn on your AC and let it operate for about half an hour. Then, there will be a few things to address when looking for indications of malfunction. The first is appropriate airflow. Ensure there isn’t a blockage in any of your home’s vents. If the airflow feels wavering and ineffective, there may be a problem with your AC. Next, listen intently to any noises generated from the AC cabinet. If you hear anything notable, such as hissing, bashing, clicking, grinding, or squeaking, our Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling specialists should examine it further. Lastly, assess the air distribution. Are all of the rooms cooling down properly? Some rooms may feel inherently warmer, but if you face any unusual “hot spots,” it may be time to give us a call. Please don’t waver in contacting us if you have any questions or concerns when going through this list. We are here to help!

How is it Beneficial to Keep Doors and Windows Shut?

Fantasize with me now, and let’s say today is a beautiful spring day. You’re at home relaxing when you notice how wonderful it looks outside. Now, what’s your first instinctual call to action? If your response is to open up those windows and doors to welcome some fresh air inside, you are not alone in this way of thinking! This reaction is pretty standard for us humans, and while this approach may seem like a glorious way to spare our bank accounts by lowering energy costs, keeping the doors and windows open can factually raise a few concerns. Firstly, when bringing in the outdoor spring air, you also allow access to allergens. Allergens can stuff up your nose and, likewise, your air filter. Plus, letting in that warm, damp spring air can strain your HVAC system. While working aggressively to remove moisture, your system’s efficiency will fall as your energy costs climb. What a bummer!

How is it Beneficial to Clean Condensation Piping?

As we near the warmer temperatures, becoming bombarded with service calls for water leaks or obstructed condensate drain lines is typical. Hence, air conditioning companies become very busy in the warm/humid Ohio weather months; it is in your best interest to be proactive about your home’s future and think of this service as prevention before it results to be necessary. At Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling, we are delighted to service your household’s system, but there are also some efforts you can make yourselves while you await our assistance. First, if water is leaking/flooding from the condensate line or drain pan, turn the system off ASAP. We also suggest you search for any obstructions and dry up any excess water the best you can. 

Most importantly, give our specialists a call! Prolonging professional assistance is not in your best interest. PVC piping is usual for a condensate line, but it can stop up rapidly over time without appropriate inspection. You’d be stunned by some of the things we can locate: jamming up your drain! In some cases, we see the total piping hasn’t been correctly installed or executed, which is not ideal for any homeowner!

What are the Benefits of Having a Clean Air Filter?

There are multiple explanations for maintaining a clean air filter in preparation for spring. The first is pretty direct; a clean air filter indicates clean indoor air. As you can presume, your air filter collects a diversity of dust, spores, hair, dander, and other disfavored particles circulated through your air conditioning system. You don’t want debris fragments wafting around your home, respired by you and your loved ones. Swapping out your home’s air filter ensures that your home has more clean, more beneficial, and refreshing air for the coming season. Purer air glorifies good health and more hygienic home life. Last but not least, a clean air filter enables your HVAC system to function more effortlessly and effectively, stopping unwarranted difficulties and costs. Accordingly, it’s crucial to examine your air filter at least once a month or more.

How is Scheduling Routine Maintenance Beneficial?

We discussed some methods you can apply to prep your household for spring; we still want to emphasize the importance of having your HVAC unit reviewed by a professional before it’s all said and done. The potential for human error remains a matter of fact, but it is less likely to emerge when done by someone educated and familiarized in the area. Besides, they will be able to bring a more detailed approach to checking your system by reviewing connections, taking readings, and inspecting refrigerant pressures. A trained professional can also better suspect whether there is a chance for future problems regarding your home’s HVAC unit.

As a homeowner, we understand the demand and desire to sustain a prosperous and alluring atmosphere within your home. While we have a lot of knowledge up our sleeves, we don’t want you to feel stressed out by this process. We are here and ready to help direct you along your pathway in readying your home for the spring climate. Call Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling today at (740) 212-5849, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here! We are excited to hear from you!

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