How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For Summer Vacation?

Summer vacations are exciting and, if well planned can be even more enjoyable! Planning well ahead of time is ideal, but we understand that life gets busy distracting us from the fine-lined details. Our team at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling wants to make things a little easier for you by providing you with information that can help you better prepare your home and your air conditioning system, ensuring your return from vacation is comfortable and inviting.

What Is the Importance of Sealing Your Windows and Doors?

Locking up your doors and windows is essential to help keep trespassers out of your home while you are away. In addition, sealing up your doors and windows is necessary to ensure Ohio’s heat and humidity stays out. Believe it or not, drafts account for up to 30% of a home’s temperature instability. So while it may not seem like a big deal with the draft allowing a little of the outdoor air in here and there, it is a real culprit for overworking an AC! If you have already weather-stripped or caulked your windows and doors and there still seems to be hot air leaking in, it may be time to check for any damages. Proper sealing ensures cold air stays in while hot air stays out, thus lowering your energy bill and your carbon footprint!

Why Should I Clean My Duct Vents/Registers Before Vacationing?

If you haven’t had your ducts/registers recently cleaned, we advise you to do so now! The summer heat will require you to utilize your AC more frequently. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend having your ducts professionally cleaned every 3-5 years. So routine air duct cleaning will enhance your home’s indoor air quality, and also save you money! It’ll be much easier to spend a little more on your summer travels, knowing you cut down on some unnecessary expenses, like an overpriced heating bill. Additionally, pollutants in your heating and cooling system will require it to work harder and can even shorten the life of your system. Air filters help alleviate some of this accumulated filth, but your system will still get dirty from regular use. Built-up dust and debris can constrict adequate airflow from flowing through your AC. So ensuring your system is operating with clean ducts and registers will guarantee you return to a most cost-effective and efficient cooling experience.

What Influence Does Debris Have On My Outdoor HVAC Unit?

It’s safe to say, that if you plan on vacationing for an extended period of time, you will be mowing your grass before taking that much-needed break. Do yourself a favor, while you’re mowing; don’t neglect your HVAC system in the process. Be mindful of your direction of mowing to avoid grass clippings from blowing toward your condenser, bagging the grass clippings as needed. Also, be sure to check around your unit for any other obstructions. Your cooling system’s performance can be significantly affected for the worse if your outer condensing unit is disturbed by lawn debris. When heat cannot properly vacate into the air, cooling in your home will prove defective. Furthermore, lack of airflow can damage your outdoor unit. 

Avoid any problems, by taking these simple precautions so you can enjoy your vacation in peace! If you need any assistance, our specialists at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling will gladly come to your aid. Take note that duct cleaning is not a part of our regular maintenance service, so it is in your best interest to call ahead to ensure this is an HVAC service we are offering at this time. Call us today at (740) 212-5849, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here! We appreciate your time and hope your vacation is restful and as wonderful as you’ve imagined it!

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