Frequent Furnace Questions 

Homeowners often encounter furnace issues in the winter season. Don’t let this Ohio weather get you down! You can stay ahead of the game by learning how to recognize the signs and signals your furnace sends you when something is going on, so you can anticipate a  larger issue before it happens. At Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling, our service professionals have learned to recognize these symptoms that lead to underlying issues. Here is a list of frequent questions our experts have composed for you to help you recognize any issues yourself: 

Is Your Furnace Always Running? 

Does it seem like your furnace is perpetually running and never stops? If so, always check the filters first! Full filters will cause the furnace to overwork and run constantly. You should also check the thermostat. If the temperature setting is too high, your furnace will constantly run to reach that level. 

Is Your Furnace Short Cycling? 

While there are a few reasons a furnace might be short cycling, you want to check those air filters and closed registers first. It seems like such a minor thing to inspect, but air filters and closed registers make all the difference in your furnace functioning efficiently. Suppose you have checked those and the problem still persists, this could mean it is overworked. It could also mean there is an airflow clog or blockage or that the furnace is improperly sized for your home.

Is Your Furnace Leaking Water?

Water leaks can happen if you have a high-efficiency furnace. High-efficiency furnaces have cool exhausts. These produce condensation. When a high-efficiency furnace is put in, the condensation is guided directly to the floor drain. If you are experiencing a water leak, check your floor drain to make sure it is not blocked off. 

Is Your Furnace Making Any Sounds?

Although we don’t want you to worry, you should not ignore any unusual sounds coming from your furnace. If you hear any banging, rattling, or buzzing, check the furnace area to confirm there is nothing in the vicinity such as loose screws, etc. If you’ve checked and could not pinpoint the cause, please give us a call at  Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling.

Is Your Furnace Producing a Smell? 

Your furnace unit needs to be free of dust particles and debris. Dust the surface every so often, and keep in mind that when heat comes into contact with layers of dust, it could cause an unwelcoming smell.

We want to help keep your furnace running at its best. If you have gone down this list of frequent furnace questions and still have not pinpointed just what is going on with your furnace, please call us today. Don’t let the issue linger and grow into a larger problem. We want you and your family safe and warm this season. Our goal is always to provide our customers with five-star service!

You can reach us at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling by calling (740) 212-5849, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!

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