Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills? 

Ceiling fans are beneficial to our finances during both the summer months and winter as well. The only significant distinction in using fans among opposing seasons is the fan’s direction and speed. In the summer, all fans should spin counterclockwise to better energy conservation and slowly clockwise during the chilly portion of the year. Ceiling fans profit your home by propelling cool and warm air throughout, which puts less pressure on your HVAC system, allowing your monthly energy bills to lower significantly! Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling knows how important financial security is to our customers. Thus, to help you better see the advantages of ceiling fans, read along with us further!  

When Are Ceiling Fans Nonbeneficial?  

To ensure you reap the benefits ceiling fans have to offer you, it’s essential to understand some dos and don’ts when operating ceiling fans. It’s important to discern what best fits you and your home’s demands. While ceiling fans safeguard the cool air within your home by adequately distributing the air around it, there are some things to consider to ensure your fan use is efficient. Everyone wants to bypass those high energy bills, so here are some crucial tips:  

In Cool Temps, DON’T Run Fans On High: If it’s cool outside, it’s essential to set your fans on low to secure the pulling up of cold air and thrusting down of warm air.  

ONLY Use Ceiling Fans With Your AC: Utilizing your fan alone is a fast way to raise the temperature in your home because devices such as ceiling fans yield small amounts of heat that can build up.  

All-Day Ceiling Fan Usage Is Discouraged: When you are gone, turn them off; you can turn them back on upon returning. With smart-home automation, you can conveniently preset a time for your fans to switch on automatically!  

ALWAYS Obtain The Correct Fan Size: Establish a fan to serve the size of the room adequately and be sure to place it central to the room to achieve maximum savings. For example, a 36-inch fan typically reaches about six feet from the center point and may not accommodate a big room efficiently.  

How Do Ceiling Fans Work?  

Ceiling fans adjust the direction of the air by using your home’s electricity. The rotation of the blades doesn’t cool the air per se but pushes it down, maintaining a cool atmosphere through a wind-chill effect while enhancing air circulation during the brutal summer heat. In the cold months, adjusting the spin direction gives birth to an updraft and the blades’ shape, propelling the rising hot air and preventing it from motionlessly hanging around. Next, the air is driven out and down the walls, developing a warm environment at your level, so you may keep warm without your furnace overworking itself. You will be glad to see the difference in your energy bills if you strategically operate your ceiling fans! Keep in mind that if you keep your ceiling fan running while you are away for some time, you will only be tossing electricity and hard-earned cash out the window. Accordingly, it is crucial to be smart about when and how you utilize your fan, to save on expenses and help prevent mold growth and an absurd amount of humidity.  

How Do I Adjust My Ceiling Fan For Winter?  

Summer is saying adios as fall creeps closer! In Ohio, we all know how quickly fall can turn into winter, so we must keep on our toes! There are multiple things to ready ourselves and our homes for the transitions of the seasons, so how do we adjust our ceiling fans for winter? Well, if you examine your ceiling fan, you will likely locate a switch on one side of your ceiling fan’s base. Once you’ve found the switch, turn off your ceiling fan using the pull chain AND the wall switch. If you fail to do both, you can harm yourself or others! When altering the fan blade direction, we suggest tidying up the light covers and the blades. And, if you choose to make any decorative adjustments, doing so at that time permits you to attend to your ceiling fan conveniently. Once you have met your ceiling fan alterations, you will be basically under the back of a fan, spreading warm air instead of cold air.  

However, if you have any further questions or concerns that were not addressed, feel free to contact us today at (740) 212-5849 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling appreciates your time and works hard to secure your comfort every season without having unreasonably high energy bills! Connect with us today and let us know how we can better serve you! 

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