Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Save Money with High Quality Heat Pump Installation and Replacement in Newark and Heath

The crisp cold winters and hot, humid summers in Newark and Heath make having a functional HVAC system a necessity. Heat pump systems can offer a great solution for homeowners’ year-round HVAC necessities, offering energy efficiency and perfect comfort!

When the time comes to install, maintain, repair, or replace a heat pump system in your residence, you will want a professional who can perform the task efficiently, properly and affordably with minimal disruption to you, your loved ones, and your home. You need a trusted HVAC expert at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling.

Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling is your Licking County heat pump team of experts. We have installed countless heat pump systems in Ohio, and we specialize in the maintenance, repair, and replacement of all types of heat pump systems.

Check out our other Heat Pump Services: include Heat Pump Repair and Heat Pump Maintenance.

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As part of our Five Star Rated Customer Service Experience, we at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling offer free estimates to homeowners looking for installation. We make the entire process from start to finish as easy and as affordable as possible.

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Signs You Need to Replace Vs. Repair Your Heat Pump

Homeowners with an aging heating and cooling system typically ask themselves. How do I know when is it time to replace a unit rather than simply repair it?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions of all homeowners. The answer depends. Typically, a heat pump does not need to be replaced, but there are times when it does.

Here are a few indicators that a heat pump may only need to be repaired instead of needing to be replaced:

  • The heat pump isn’t 10 years old yet.
  • The heat pump merely needs to have the dirt and dust accumulation removed.
  • The repairs are not very expensive, or they are minor
  • The heat pump has not yet needed any repairs in the past.

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We Make the Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Process Easy

Because we are a Five Star Rated business with an outstanding customer service history, we at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling make the entire heat pump replacement process as quick and as easy as possible. Our highly trained technicians have installed countless heat pumps which we guarantee.

Why Choose Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling for Your Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

We at Newark-Heath Heating & Cooling are a family-owned, Five Star Rated, company with a longstanding history of satisfied customers. Our level of expertise and professionalism is unmatched when compared to our competitive pricing. We believe in keeping families safe and comfortable throughout the year and we strive to make that possible for every family, regardless of where you live or what your budget is like.

  • Five Star Rated Customer Service
  • Top of the line systems with the latest technology
  • Fast and affordable installation
  • Finance options

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Keywords for Your New HVAC System

SEER: SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Much like MPG (miles per gallon) for your car, it’s a standardized rating number used to compare the energy efficiencies of different central air conditioners and heat pump systems. Like miles per gallon, the higher the SEER number, the more efficient the system.

SEER is calculated using the total amount of cooling provided during the cooling season, divided by the total electrical input during the cooling season. (Source)

TONNAGE: A heat pump’s cooling capacity is expressed in BTUh (British Thermal Units per Hour) or tons (often referred to as “tonnage”). Both offer a measurement of a heat pump’s cooling ability over an hour’s time. One ton of cooling capacity is equal to 12,000 BTUh. Residential heat pumps usually range from 1.5 to 5 tons (or, 18,000 – 60,000 BTUh). (Source)

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